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The problem is enormous and urgent. Never before have young people been more anxious, fearful or confused about life. Awash in social media, they are being ravaged by unprecedented levels of loneliness, depression, and suicide. In a world of viral misinformation, they have no idea who or what to trust. The notion of absolute truth is meaningless to them.


Dr. Michael Guillen is uniquely qualified to take on this enormous, urgent problem. He is a distinguished scientist, journalist, author, riveting communicator, and devout Christian with impressive credentials. He has a gift for connecting with young people, who invariably are fascinated by his rare combination of experiences and his engaging way of speaking truth in an authoritative yet loving manner.

Among other things, Dr. Guillen spices up his presentations with stories about his world travels as a network TV correspondent and with fun, eye-opening scientific demonstrations. Young people are intrigued by  the fact that Dr. Guillen was an atheist who became a Christian only after exploring the world’s major religions. “Of all the religions,” he says, “Christianity best answers my probing questions and best squares with modern science.”

Dr. Guillen is committed to sharing his powerful, life-changing message with young people all across America. In 2020 his goal is to present The Truth Tour: Believing Is Seeing in 25 college towns nationwide, from New York to California, from Texas to Minnesota.

But he can’t do it alone. He needs your help. Would you please pray about coming alongside him to make The Truth Tour: Believing Is Seeing a success? For more information, please write to Dr. Guillen at Thank you and God bless you.



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